Jazz colours and unsettling passion .... overt seduction and a searchingly provocative form of exposure .... dancing light and an almost wild vitality .... immediate sensations all experienced before a Hamilton painting. Climactic colour in fluorescents or stark blacks & whites explode life into Thora Hamilton’s intriguing XXL presences in a fusion of sensual mystery: dramatically slashed-on paint fires the alluring eyes, lush bee-stung lips and fly-away hair of Hamilton’s blow-ups, touchable almost and so close-to, in a time-trapped instant of face-to-face vision.

   A post-Pop expressionist by definition, Thora paints rapidly on the floor, sliding paint into form from all angles in spontaneous sequences of mark-making, rippling the whole with the precision-drawn features of figures at once vulnerable yet forceful, reticent but also wilful in their complexity of presence.

   A thirst for colour, sensuality and passion brought Thora Hamilton, a Scots born artist (winner of numerous awards and MA Fine Arts Edinburgh graduate), to her beloved Italy, trading in the security of predictable ascension in UK galleries where she was already known for the challenge of the unknown: a Celt by origin in the fiery world of those so like-minded Italians, overcoming obstacles and hostilities along the way. Events then whirled her into a 100% pure Latin reality, the marvellous country of Venezuela.

   Today she lives and works between Margarita Island in Venezuela and Rome in Italy, a combination she adores and finds is a perfect match for her own temperament, collaborating with architects and designers by commission, for shows and just solo.

Hamilton’s works are to be found in collections around the world, from her native Scotland and the UK, to Israel and New York, from Singapore and Dubai to Venezuela, Buenos Aires and all over Italy.


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